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Why everyone deserves an alternative to Microsoft® Exchange

Just like the company that produces it, Microsoft's Exchange Server is undeniably "industry standard"...
powerful and certainly a favorite for in-house IT folks.  But with that sway comes expensive hardware and complex administration, requiring the IT resources that budget-conscious businesses might not have on hand.


E Street and Kerio Connect

Luckily someone figured out that there must be an alternative way to create and implement a streamlined small-business server—without the overhead. Enter our hosted Exchange alternative Kerio Connect. This powerful alternative supports small and mid-sized organizations by allowing users all the same tools they’re used to, but greatly reducing the hardware, licensing and service costs associated with the behemoth we know as MS Exchange.

As an authorized Kerio Partner and administrator of Kerio Connect, E Street configures this simplified system for companies that are sick and tired of maintaining Microsoft’s expensive and overly complicated email server. After seeing Microsoft Exchange in action, our Tech Services technicians often liken using it to “crawling through glass.”

rapidly deploy Kerio

We regularly hear horror stories of internal IT staff members having to fiddle with Exchange far too often, or businesses that simply don’t have the personnel or funds to keep fixing what’s breaking. Over time people have realized that Exchange can be an unwieldy system whose benefits may not outweigh its drawbacks.

Kerio Connect, on the other hand, is easier to implement, whether you’re starting fresh or are shifting away from MS Exchange. It’s user-friendly and nearly matches the latter feature-by-feature, works seamlessly cross-platform and carries a much lower cost of ownership. Businesses on the fence can also rest assured that their favorite features come with Kerio Connect, including:

  • Instant messaging / chat with all users (Jabber/XMPP protocol support)
  • Mobile device support (automatic configuration for iOS)
  • Wide mail client support
  • Synchronization with public and shared
  • Exchange (ActiveSynch) plus IMAP, POP3 protocol support
  • Multiple email addresses per user
  • Full spectrum of administration features for security and users

Check out a full list of features here and if you have more questions about alternatives to MS Exchange or want to learn how you can have Kerio Connect installed in your office give E Street Tech Services a shout. We’re here to help with migrating your existing email over and getting it done. 

Michael Brust
Lead Tech Services Engineer
E Street Communications


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