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Deploying mission-critical network infrastructures for over 20 years...

E Street's Tech Services Division has become the go-to IT authority for delivering universal reliability that small and medium-sized businesses count on for productivity.

Our signature technical support is a face-to-face, always-on service style. backed by our enterprise-grade data center and intentionally scalable solutions. It’s how E Street’s dedicated team of IT experts stays accountable to community and the evolution of your company.


Expertise in just what you need.

Service is where we shine, and that means procuring just what fits—not more than you can handle. We believe in proactive IT management, both onsite and remote, to provide your business with reliable, affordable support and solutions.

  • Cloud integration
  • LAN & WAN connectivity & planning
  • Offsite backups
  • Productivity web apps
  • Hardware procurement
  • Fixes, upgrades & advice

We’re here to help you make business run smoother, whether that requires a quick on-site fix to get a computer network back up and running, or a strategic recommendation on a comprehensive digital-voice communication system.


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Managed Support Plans

E Street’s E-LAN is our entry-level Managed Services offering. E-LAN provides your organization with initial assessment, monthly monitoring, Data Safe offsite backups, plus reduced rates on technician services.
E Street E-LAN
See This Article for details on the E-LAN program.

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Why E Street Tech Services?

  • Our Proactive Support +

    Proactive support is to identifying and resolving issues before they become problems. Best case... this is solving problems before our customers even realize they exist.
  • Our Experience +

    E Street's 20+ years in the business means we provide no-nonsense flexible, scalable solutions that work for your organization.
  • Our Resources +

    With products that range from basic to complex hosting, and our unmatched telephony expertise backed by our own enterprise-grade data center means the right solution for our clients.
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Wireless Networks

E Street Wifi E Street Tech Services builds ultra low-cost, zero config, plug and play wireless mesh networks that spread your existing Internet connections throughout your location. Ideal for hotels, apartments, office parks, coffee shops, malls and just about anywhere else.

INCLUDES: • all the components; access points, cloud-based controller • bandwidth controls for individual users • web browser splash pages • integration for e-commerce enabled ‘captive portal’ networks • user tracking tools to monitor your network from anywhere in the world with mobile apps.